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PolyDungeon is a hack-n-slash dungeon crawler role playing game where you play in pitch dark environment and battle different types monsters. The lamp you hold plays a vital role in your overall survivability, it helps you see the surroundings more clearly and fight mosters more effectively. Solve puzzles, manage hunger, avoid traps, preserve good weapons, learn skills, and upgrade your character stats to grind your way through the final dungeon 'Limbo' and defeat the antagonist.

Inspiration: Diablo, Darkest Dungeon

Core Systems:

  • Hunger System
  • Lamp System (Torch System in Darkest Dungeon)
  • Questing System
  • Random Levels

Hunger System - The hunger system affects your character status, there are 5 stages of hunger:

  1. FULL (100% - 90%) - You get +20% movement speed and +20% crit chance
  2. FINE (89% - 50%) - All stats reverts to normal
  3. HUNGRY (49% - 20%) -30% movement and -20% attack
  4. STARVING (19% - 1%) -50% attack -40% movement and -10% crit chance
  5. WEAKENED (0%) -90% movement, -80% attack, and -10% crit chance

You need to watch out your hunger to avoid stat penalties. Stock up foods in your inventory before embarking on a long journey!

Lamp System - The light from your lamp plays a significant role in your gameplay. Once you're out of fire you'll be in total darkness, you wont even see your character from your screen. The light decreases gradually, and it's up to you to maintain the light. There are 5 stages of lightness/darkness:

  1. RADIANT (100% - 76%) - Light illuminates the area well, enemies attack misses often.
  2. DIM LIGHT (75% - 51%) - Light illuminates the area, enemies attack misses quite often, some player attack misses can be observed. 
  3. SHADOWY (50% - 26%) - Light hardly illuminates the area, enemies attack hits quite often, player attack misses quite often. 
  4. DARK (25% - 1%) - Light barely illuminates surroundings, player can hardly be seen. Enemy hits player more often and player attack misses more often. 
  5. PITCH BLACK - (0%) - No illumination, player misses attacks very often, enemy hits player time and again.

The light can be strengthened by feeding oil to your lamp. Oil is a critical item that one should always carry when traversing a dungeon. You never know how long a dungeon will take you!

Quest System - Most often than not, dungeon crawler games doesn't offer clear objectives or side quests to do. You just need to grind your way until you finish the game. PolyDungeon offers a questing system which allows players to do other task and acquire rewards.

Random Levels - To spice up the game even more, levels are all procedural generated. The environment setup per area will always be different. Random enemies, chests, random traps, and random surprises.

Other Systems and Features

  • HP/MP system
  • Skill system (includes AOE)
  • Inventory System
  • Weapon durability
  • Save/Load Progress
  • Inventory System
  • Equipment System
  • Stats System
  • Character reaction system
  • Shop System [Buy Items]
  • Blacksmith System [Forge equipment]

Features to be added soon

  • Item Upgrade
  • Pet System
  • Alchemy System
  • Gambling System

Support the development on patreon and get EXCLUSIVE REWARDS! https://patreon.com/solodevinteractive , even your $1/mo will get your name on the credits section!

You can follow the development at my facebook page to get frequent updates. You are also free to give feedback and suggestions as it is more likely to be added to the game.

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IDK why, but it reminded me of the cartoon "Over the garden wall" =) 
I don't have facebook, so I will follow you here and on youtube.
Good luck!

Thank you :)

Will you release a Mac or Linux version of this game?

Since you asked for it. YES :) Thanks so much for the support. :)

Can't wait to plaly it!

I'm working on it almost whole day everyday and I'll be releasing a demo soon. Thanks so much for the support. :)