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backlog folder in progress, I enjoyed this very much!

Full Play Good and Bad Endings No COmmentary 


almost a year old and still crap

As big Silent Hill fans, we enjoyed your demo and look forward to the full game! 

Feels very much as if there was a second PSX Silent Hill before Silent Hill 2 moved the series to PS2.
That teeth chattering is a little funny but really charming.

This game is inspired by Silent Hill which is cool! Keep up the good work! 


Possibly the most Silent Hill-ist game I've played since the original Silent Hill. Leans overmuch on pivot cameras and lacks... any lighting, but the open environment, the pixelated textures, the gradient fog... absolutely hits the spot for SH1. The character models are interesting also - nicely modeled and moodily captured by the camera work (though it's no Takayoshi Sato!). Ambient soundtrack is spot-on, though it repeats too much. There's a light puzzle(?), but the emphasis is on exploration. Basically, if you like the thought of being attacked by ambulatory meat-platters, this game is for you.

Added to our indie games list on Fixed Camera Appreciation Society!

hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 😁

Good game! I loved it

A really good game!!! I quite enjoy since I been fan of Silent Hill games. Even though there a BUGS as I exit the building and stuck on Camera perspective, it still a good experience.

I can't wait to see the full project since this just a porotype.

Love from Malaysia. 

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Project Fog The Wounded - Playstation 1 Horror Game - YouTube

enjoyable resi vibes  controls (then again so did resis )need work and wheres the Uzi :) 

The game was really cool (resident evil vibes).Loved the monsters and the background, the mechanics were good. I wish it was a bit longer. Great job.

Watch video here: 

I really loved the game, the background, the monsters and the whole atmosphere pleased me a lot! i loved it ( by the way, I was very curious about Norman's story)

I'm happy to play and get the happy ending!

This was pretty good! The atmosphere  in-game mechanics very much reminded me of the Resident Evil games! Looking forward to the full release. Keep up the good work! 

PS. Time stamps added for the games played in this video! 

here i played it finnally...

please enjoy and sub if you want sorry that i sound young haha...

Unfortunately, there isn't much to do. I got the good ending and felt that I didn't really experience any gameplay. I hope that more can be added and fleshed out for the final product because the game does look and feel awesome but right now it plays more like a tech demo than a game demo. If you're more interested in watching than playing, you can check my experience out in the video above.

Thanks for making games!

yes you are right about it, I should've really put it up as a "tech demo" thanks for playing the game!

Can you refill the Free Download Keys in The Morgue?!

Can you refill the Free Download Keys in The Morgue?!

I love the Silent Hill vibe

thanks for playing the game!

  A lot of fun! Reminds me of resident evil outbreak file one and two. 

thanks for playing the game!


thanks for playing the game!


This Game has Big Silent Hill vibes! Great Game!

thanks for playing the game!



thanks for playing the game!


I enjoyed this demo!
I think the whole PS1 horror game vibe is very well done in this one.
Looking forward to more of this game!

thanks! will continue developing this game!

Really cool demo! I think that it has a lot of potential & I was pretty intrigued by the mirror portal in the good ending.

One thing that I think could be improved upon was the monsters. They were pretty slow, so I didn't feel the need to fight them off at all. I think that including a variety of different enemies would benefit the gameplay.

I really liked how the setting & situation was introduced though. The chase scene in the beginning was really strong & helped me become immersed within the world.

Overall, I can really see this becoming something really cool in the future. Great job & I can't wait to see the full game! :)


many many thanks for giving a useful feedback and playing the game! I will take note of your suggestions and consider them in the future release!

Thank you for taking my thoughts into consideration as well as making such a cool project! Best of luck with the rest of the game!


This was probably the best callback to the 90's horror I've ever seen! Such great mechanics, atmosphere, sound design, and monster design! Love everything about it! Can't wait to see more! 

awesome! glad you liked and enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!


A great game!!

thanks for playing!


great demo wish it was a little longer, maybe allowed us to see a little more about what the mirror was about. anyways keep up the good work familia


awesome playthrough, thanks for playing the game!

thank you a really appreciate it familia keep up the good work, cant wait for the final release!


such a great demo!! Can’t wait for more!!! 

thanks for playing the game!

jank got the silent hill

enjoyed your playthrough, thanks for playing it!

you have technically finished the game by having able to get those 2 syringes, you just have to interact with the injured guy once again then you'll be able to administer the cure, though this is something that I think should be triggered when "use" was clicked through the inventory when facing the subject

I'm sorry you had a bug on the final part, I thought that was already fixed, I have to check it and see what still causes that thing.

this game is really special , it has a mechanism like re 2 original , but idk why the control feels stiff and hard to control especially when you shoot and aim , But anywat overall this is a nice game :) good job dev and the team !! btw this is my gameplay of it

thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing the game! would try to work out more about what you said. cheers!

This game was fun ran into a glitch exiting the office building but only once over all camera angles where very forgiving and well done The sound of the pipe hitting the monsters was legendary lmao Cant wait to see the full game Thank you for making this would love to see what's in some of the other buildings 

Yeah, you have the outdated version of the game.  Please download the recent one. thanks for the playing the game!

ok will do 

A great game!!✌✌✌✌

thanks for playing the game!



dude i cant stop saying how excited i am to play this excited for the full game and hoping there is sequals i would pay but i dont have a job though if you could teach me a bit of code and how to do it i can help you build the game i already know html, c++(not much), a bit of lua and java, so i am pretty familiar and should know what to do mostly and would be happy to help you code the game but i will play it and leave my full review in a comment seperate from this one though contact me if your interested with my help

your excited to play and willing to help friend, jay ;)

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many many thanks for patronizing the game! I'll keep on developing this while having the feedback at the back of my mind to make this game truly interesting in the future.

I am pleased that you are happy about how the demo plays despite the lack of interesting storyline. What I have to work right now is mostly the storyline while also improving my English writing skills as I'm not a native English speaker, but I'm doing what I can.

I promise that this will be released someday. Thanks for the support!

Show post...


thanks for playing the game!

just wondering, are you considering adding support for playstation controllers for the main game? 

yes, controller support will be added on the main game. Thanks for playing!

Can't wait to check out your main game after playing this. Loved the old school ps 1 / 2 feel. Creeped me out and left me wanting more. Please check out my video if you get time. Like / share if you feel it's worthy enough haha. Great job. #3 in the vid.

thanks for including the game on your playthrough!

A very good silent hill inspired game excited for the full Game.

thanks for playing the game!

Joueur ayant joué sur silent hill sur ps1 j'ai retrouvé les sensations et gameplay de l'époque. C'est du beau boulot et il y a pas mal de notes d'humour suivant où on clique ( le couteau ou une certaine porte^^)

Player having played on silent hill on ps1 I found the sensations and gameplay of the time. It’s a nice job and there are a lot of humor notes next where you click ( the knife or a certain door )^^

I would put my youtube video a little later go see my channel "j0nael"

thank you so much for playing the game!

Deleted 20 days ago

thanks for playing the game!

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Got the "good vibes" ending first try! This was really well done and I really enjoyed it.

Loved the Silent Hill aesthetic and inspiration. I'm okay with tank controls but, is there any chance you'll add controller support for the main game you're developing?

I find controller tank controls easier to play than keyboard/mouse tank controls. xD

Either way awesome job! It's the last game in my playthrough of three random horror games and starts at 27:42.


thanks for playing the game. Controller support will be added in the main game, I really agree about playing tank controls more comfortable in controller

Awesome, thanks!

Yo I want to play this for my Youtube but I can't get it to fullscreen, Im also new to and couldnt find anything online about it

What Recording Software do you use?

hi, you can use obs then use window capture... :)

12/10 great demo

wow, thanks man

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