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That GAme Was Awesome Can't For The Full Game

thanks for playing the game!


As someone who has played a lot of games in the Silent Hill franchise, it's really cool to see a project inspired by this Survival Horror classic. I liked everything I saw here, from the graphics to its gameplay. It really encouraged me to play the full version when it comes out. Congratulations on your work and keep it up!

Thank you!

This is pretty good so far, dude! I like what I'm seeing. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one because I think it's gonna be really good. Thanks!


Thanks masterkeef!

Good work, especially considering that the game had to be developed in a very limited time.

It is inevitable to be inspired by the classics, since they were the ones who set the standard. However, for the complete game you are developing, it would be more convenient to go for a scenario with its own personality. The mechanics are what they are, and if you want to make a tank-like control, you can not do too many maneuvers, but the atmosphere is the first thing that enters through the eyes.

In any case, we will be waiting for it and we will evaluate it accordingly ^^

Thanks for playing the game, I will definitely take your suggestion to make this more original in terms of the environment in the main game.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Hello, I don't normally write much about people's games as I am usually too busy to play them, but since I am currently working on a project myself that is (very) similar you could say in some respects, I decided to give your game a go. 

Great work on the shaders first of all. Things I noticed that you did quite well when recreating this shader:

  • Polygon Draw Distance
  • Screen Space Vertex Snapping
  • Near Clip
  • Colour Quantization
  • Affine Texture Mapping
  • Depth Error

I like the style of the game too, I won't lie. I recently released a game myself in a very similar format, although without a shader. My biggest gripe with this game was how short it was. I know this is a demo for something else that is in the works, but I really felt it could have gone on for longer. As I am no stranger to game jams myself I do know how long these things can take, so please don't take this as too much of a criticism. 

I think I just got excited to play something a lot longer that's all. I dropped you a follow on Twitter so I can stay up to date and I'll most likely be checking out a few of your other games. Anyway, keep up the good work & I look forward to seeing what else you got going on : )

Thank you so much for writing a feedback, I really do appreciate people like you who takes time to write a feedback as those are the people who truly care for the game.

Thanks for the support!

The game definitely reminds me of Silent Hill and even controls like it. Though there were a few doors near the blood stained door that somehow put me back to said blood stained door when I "entered". Other then that, not a bad game. Also, is there more then one ending in this demo?

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


woah, what the hell was that bug lol. Thanks for playing the game. I have to check and replicate what was going on there. Yes that is totally not intentional.


I have fixed that bug now, thank you so much for playing the game.

very silent hill like, my only regret is it was a bit too short

thanks for playing the game! I will be releasing a longer version of the game soon!

Show post...

good vibe creepy psx ... my ending good :Dlol



​Impressive this is exactly the vibe of silent hill 1 on PS1. Great job !​



To be honest, I kind of enjoyed the game, in a way of making the effort of creating a nostalgic environment and if this project goes far, I would definitely enjoy exploring and making the world, which you have created more playable. 

Although, it's kind of repetitive to see games leaning towards the classic style and making the old, "Silent Hill"-style projects. It's not that I don't like it, no. My primary concern is that more imaginary approach is being tossed away. That's in general, but specifically for this game, the visual style and overall environment is just too much of a copy, if you know what I mean. 

Inventory system, the shooting mechanics, the dialogue and using pipe was very neat. Item pick-up animation and look was very much different from the old games and that's what I am talking about - the art style and unique approach. Those things attract me, personally more than just having an eerie atmosphere, which I have seen a lot - the snowy ash, the torn pavement and etc. 

This project is great. I loved playing it, but for the future, my main critique and suggestion would be to just change the environment to look like a less copy of a "Silent Hill" and more of something that you can come up with. It's not easy, but that's what makes the horror genre special - unique approach and quality, not repetition and mirroring. 

Good Luck! 

Thank you so much for writing a great feedback, such feedback is beneficial for the project. I'm totally guilty with the environment blatantly copying SH and I will take your suggestion of making the environment more unique. Thanks again.

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