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A game inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Puppet Combo games.

Major Update: Map Expansion, New Killer, and more! 

Click here: https://solodevinteractive.itch.io/the-morgue/devlog/192524/major-update-map-exp...


Play the character of Margarette who went on a trip with her friends in 1979. The pack of friends decided to fetch one of their company named Jennifer who happened to live in a remote area. With a map as their guide, they followed the long road that leads to the said residence. Never they knew what lies ahead of them. A fun and precious moment turned into a dark, bloody, and horrifying experience.

Features and Mechanics

- The game uses VHS aesthetics to simulate the 70's and 80's vibe.
- Features detailed environment combined with retro visual effects.
- Focuses more on the "hearing" rather than "visual" aspect.
- Uses spatial sound effects to help determine objects.
- Realistic approach, no HP system. Once the butcher caught you, you're done for.
- Allows player to run and hide.
- Has multiple endings.
- The butcher can open doors! Beware! So watch out for open doors.

Unlock exclusive posts, early game access, behind the scenes, and more.

Special PS1 version available for patrons.

I'm giving away FREE DOWNLOAD KEYS to the first 25 people who wanted to play the game. This is a first come first serve basis. If you're interested, just email me at: flixbeat101@gmail.com

Free Download Keys Remaining: 0

I've been receiving lots of email requesting for keys and some people doesn't have a credit card/paypal to buy the game. So I will be releasing another set of keys (10 only) to these people who would like to try it out. To those who purchased the game, thank you very much for supporting it.

Free Download Keys Remaining: 0

Also Available on Google Play for FREE. Please leave a 5 star and a comment. THANK YOU!

Warning: The game is strongly discouraged to people with heart condition. Player discretion is advised.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

the-morgue-v1-mac.7z 61 MB
the-morgue-v1-win-x64.7z 59 MB
the-morgue-v1-win-x86.7z 57 MB

Development log


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Can you add Free Download Keys again?!


Can you make this game FREE for a While?!

I’d like to ask
if you can email me the game so I can show it to my audience.
Thanks bro.

This Game Is worth the money. the game is much worth much tho  witch is a good thing lol. But really good simple game that really makes you jump and scream.

Check Out My video on it played it some time ago tho.Ill Appreciate any type of support. Subscribe if you Choose to. Thank You For Your Time.

Thank you for supporting and playing the game!

Can you re-add the keys?! I want this game, BADLY :(

This was a nice game dev! I sadly didn't record when the update was made, but still had a blast, and was scared too lol. Good job overall! 

Thanks man, I was impressed you beat it in one try

Awesome game! Great suspense and atmosphere. Honestly the killer really made me nervous and jump scare every time!

Thank you for your kind feedback :)

I really enjoyed the game. It was little bit hard though.



second ending

oh my god this was scary, the constant chainsaw going had me in fear constantly.

Screamed the whole way through.

Loved the game mate, thank you for making this.

I hope to see more games from you.

Thank you so much for playing and supporting the game! I'm expanding the map even more and adding a new enemy. Hope you can play it again sometime! Thanks again.


Cool game, love the visuals! Reminded me of Dead by Daylight but without the multiplayer aspect and a lot more scarier. Looking forward to new locations and even killers :) 

Thank you so much for playing and supporting the game! Yes the update is coming. :)

The video is live! Thank you for all of your help the other day:) I hope you enjoy the spooks! 

This is next level gameplay recording, keep up the editing, it's very fun to watch. Thank you Ckob for playing the game. Nice playthrough!

thanks so much!! I really appreciate the kind words 

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For those were having errors downloading the file, kindly re-download them again, I updated the files. Thank you!

Hey there, I purchased the game but it wont seem to download. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Hi Ckob, kindly email me the problem :) flixbeat101@gmail.com

Sure thing!


The enemy legitimately made me too nervous to try for the second ending. This game really packs on the tension and stress. I enjoyed it a lot! Great job! 


Hey Adrionic! Welcome back! Thank you for the positive feedback!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, for some reason i cant download the game. The game looks very interesting and im looking forward to playing it. Please let me know if theres another way to download this. thanks

Hi nostalgik_gamez, kindly email me the problem :) flixbeat101@gmail.com

Hi! Kindly re-download it again and see if it works, if not email me :)

Hello! I have sent you emails multiple times and for some reason you haven't responded to them. Is it because I have an email address and not a gmail?

Hi Sobaka, I've been responding to all emails I received about the game. What is your name in the email? Maybe I'm not receiving it???

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My email is dasha-v74@mail.ru!

Kindly check your email because I already sent you the key a day ago. Thanks.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvinience, it was in my spam section all along!

No problem, have fun!


Pretty thrilling experience being in danger right away, very nice!

Thanks! Glad you liked it, your playthrough is pretty fun to watch.


Really tense gameplay, the comparison to Puppet Combo is warranted but I felt like this was more fair than most of their games.

Extremely well done, thank you for the key!

Thank you for the positive feedback!


I went back in and got that main ending! It wasn't easy, but it was a satisfying win. That dude makes me tense haha


Nice! You really did a great job playing the game!


This was really good. I was tense throughout the whole thing. Managed to get ending #2. 


I really enjoyed watching your playthrough! Well done beating the game!

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!


Very cool game reminds me of Northburry grove I Manahed to escape somehow haha.5 stars.




Pretty cool game. The enemy is pretty relentless though. At one point, i had 5 pages and a key but had to go back downstairs to look for something to open the door still. And then he killed me again. I'm still not sure what else I'm looking for, but it's still pretty fun. 


Once you got  key,  you gonna have to go upstairs and unlock the gate. You will see the padlock shining.  If you managed to do it with 5 evidences in hand. You will get the MAIN ending. Thanks for the support!


It said to find something to remove the padlock when I got there with the key.


You have to click the padlock itself to unlock it :)


I enjoyed playing this game!  Horror plus strategy, The best horror game!

I suggest go and download this game to experience the thrill! :D


I had a lot of fun playing you're game (played 30 minutes of this game because of the jumpscare).I really enjoyed it, Thank you solodevinteractive:)